Hello, God here:

I have been looking around for you and I miss you. Just for you I created my little Chapel -- which I named Divine Mercy -- and after looking around decided that Wilton Manors in Florida would be the ideal place. I chose it because it is a diversified community and people seemed to get along with each other, no matter who they were, and I knew they would love and accept you. Then, I needed to find Keepers of my chapel, and I found Father John Joseph Reid and Father Larry Turner, they heard, and they answered my call.

Sunday Mass in Wilton Manors

On Sunday at 10:30, all gather for Last Supper Mass. After that, all go into the Priests' home for coffee. I purposely kept the Chapel small, so you would not be intimidated and be lost in those big spaces. So, come to me at my 5-Star Boutique Chapel, Divine Mercy.

Wilton Manors Chapel Location:

Divine Mercy Chapel
2749 NE 10th Ave,
Wilton Manors FL 33334

Divine Mercy Chapel Phone Number:


I will be looking for you.

Signed with Love,