About the American New Catholic Church

Blessing the HomelessThe American New Catholic Church, Inc both celebrates and draws nourishment from the experience of community. Neither large nor alienating, the American New Catholic Church, Inc has established an intimate community experience where its members are at once accepted, affirmed and challenged to further their commitment as the body of Christ. We seek depth of relationship with God and with one another that is demanding as well as liberating.

American New Catholic Church, Inc maintain rich sacramental and liturgical traditions which reflect centuries of practice and evolution. Our liturgies, rooted in the early church, express commitments to ritual, narrative and spirituality that demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of a Church that is inclusive in image, word and action.

We, The American New Catholic Church, Inc, as a member of the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, proclaim our mission as rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We offer a sacramental and affirming presence to all in their diversity. We, as an autonomous Catholic community, strive for the work of fostering unity while celebrating the various faith traditions among Christians in accord with Jesus' prayer "that all may be one." As the people of God, we are called to ministries that are loving, inclusive and promoting of justice to further the reign of God.

The American New Catholic Church, Inc is the legal corporation title of an independent Catholic Church which adheres to the catholic deposit of faith as revealed by God the Father, taught by Jesus Christ, and sanctified by the Holy Spirit through tradition and scripture down through the centuries. We are a church charged with bringing the good news of Divine love to everyone. Our mandate from Jesus is to make the gospel message vibrant in the lives of our people, whatever walk they come from.

If you would like to speak to someone about The American New Catholic Church, Inc you can contact Bishop John Joseph Reid at The Shrine of Divine Mercy, 2749 NE 10 Ave, Wilton Manors FL 33334. Or call him at 1+954-671-1930 at the Chapel.