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I ask you to please pray for my mother Alice who is going through a lot of pain and struggle. She is totally depressed, frustrated and worn out and talking of death and all. She has to take care of my sick father Darlan and his brother. My mother has always been a negative person who crticises, insults and blames others and not ready to change herself and attitude. My mom does all the shopping, cleaning, cooking, paying bills etc and travels by bus everywhere.

Please pray for my father Darlan who had a stroke 2 years ago and was partially paralyzed had seizures and was much better after physiotherapy. He still continued having alcohol. He has no God in his life and has not been to confession for years. He hates priests and religious lay people as he has had bad experiences with them. He says he has lost his faith in God because of them. He is stubborn and not ready to listen to anyone. He has hurt a lot of people by telling lies, blaming and spoiling people's name. He never accepts his faults and gets angry when someone corrects and brings up his wrong doings. He is a very disturbed man. He is suffering in health and getting seizures and shivering in his hands. 

I can't help them because my husband and they don't talk to each other and my parents spoilt my husband's name with false stories which has hurt my husband badly. 

Please pray for my parents total emotional physical mental healing and so that they may experience the mercy and love of God and that they may understand and change their lives. Please continue to pray for as long as you can for them. Im very worried and long to see them changed and happy and with the experience of God in their lives.

Thanks for your prayers.

Received: May 3, 2019

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