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Years ago when I, Father John Joseph grew up in a working class Irish American Neighborhood, the first thing that would happen when you came into our home, my mother would have ya sit at the kitchen table and give you a cup of tea and a little piece of cake or cookies or whatever we could afford a that time. Our kitchen table was the locale for the meet and greet. When you come to visit the priests at our priest house, Father Larry and Father John Joseph always lead ya to the kitchen table where we all sit and talk. And after Sunday Mass most come into the priest house and again they all gather around the table with Father Larry, John Joseph and Jim to share coffee and goodies. Its all about sharing at the table, whether it is at Sunday Mass to share the body and blood of Jesus or other times at the kitchen table. Divine Mercy Chapel is all about sharing with each other and no one is kept from the table. We feed each other mentally, physically and spiritually. ... See MoreSee Less

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